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After some very serious deliberation , heart searching and following an opportunity i can not ignore I am testing the water for the sale of my car :bawling: :bawling:
Unfinished and just requiring re-assembly The car will need a turbo kit capable of around 700-800hp to get the very best from her.
If you have not been following the build then please see these two threads which will explain all. stage 1 stage 2

The final spec is as follows and all the parts are here to make a great solid R32 the car will need a little paint TLC and the interior is in great condition with no tears or rps in the seating and a dash with no bubble in it :)
pics are available and will post up asap

Apexi turbo timer
Apexi Power FC
HKS hard pipe kit
HKS downpipes
Greddy adjustable pulleys
Greddy profec b boost controller
Greddy clear cam cover
Greddy air deflection plate
Sard 800cc twin hole injectors
Sard FPR
Sard 285 lph pick up pump
Sard custom swirl pot with twin Sard 285lph internal pumps
Nismo street series exhaust inc Decat
Nismo oil pump
Nismo N1 water pump
Nismo engine mounts
Nismo adjustable front top arms
Nismo front tie bars
Nissan shells
Nissan z32 afm,s
Scholar engineering balanced std crank
Scholar engineering reworked head inc squish removal
Tomei fuel rail
Tomei hicas lockout bar
Tomei Super grommet steel gasket set
Tomei pon cams 260 in 260 out
Tomei timing belt
Tomei forged pistons
Tomei forged rods
OSG twin plate with new plates
Cusco breather catch tank
Cusco front and rear strut braces
Cusco brake stopper
Tein super street springs
Ohlins adjustable struts with pillowball tops
Arp rod bolts
Circle earth system
Solus air intake kit
Mocal Filter relocation kit
Headlight vent with Fireblade headlight
Bailey motorsport alloy header tank and washer bottle
Koenig 17" x 9.5j 3 piece alloys

The engine work has been done by APTuning of Lenwade and some details can be found on their website .
I can honestly say i am close to tears not to be able to finish this myself but i simply can not justify any further investment in this when i have other things that are now taking priority there is also a collection of used spares included wither to sell on or keep as spares to the future.
I have to apologise to Gary at Apt too as i feel i have let him down in not finishing the fantastic work he has done:bowdown1:
Finally it has been great to be part of the community here and we are both sorry to go but hopefully a few years will see our return bigger and better
Serious offers only and please consider over £25k has been pumped into the current spec.:sadwavey:

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Man, that is such a shame.... Great spec too

I feel for you mate.

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you'll be sooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:

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Just thought had not indicated a price !!!:lamer:
Have worked out i can get around £14k in parts if i break it so will be asking for around that figure Offers as usual will be considered I know breaking it will seem the best way to sell it but i really want somene to finish it off and find out just how good a job has been done so far
I will post up some pics later on today :bawling:


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Sorry to hear you're leaving the fold Jay :(

To any prospective buyers, I can guarantee the work done by APT will have been to the highest standards. They cove VERY highly recommended :)

Best of luck with the sale.

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Oh well !!!!
That never happened did it .
Just went a blew a load more cash and will be seeing you all next year some time:chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle:
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