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Silver cars

He has to do alot of mods to catch the silver car and as seen from his hands last week he has been busy 'modding' his car (or was he watching Porn DVD's in the car? Who know ? :confused: :D .

Dirk ,get on the phone to Japan and order more goodies pronto ! :p .

Hope to see you saturday mate.I'll ring ya to confirm on the day and you can see YET again the lovely rear of the 'silver car'.
Got a sticker the other day which says 'who's your daddy'.I'll stick it on the rear screen so you can see it well . Mind you I might have to make the letters bigger so you can see them from the distance you'll be.

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I believe the directions tell you to come in on the turn off north of Bolney, if there is a lot of traffic stay on the A23 until you see the cowfold/Ansty turn off (A 272) then come off there, take the 3rd exit under the flyover and take the next right this road then goes straight to the bolney stage and should cut out a lot of the queue.

hope this helps.

Hope to see you all tomorrow !!


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For your Mr.Diggler

Dear Dirk and others going to Bolney.

Got this off the JapukMeets site so hope this fits in with your schedules. Good bunch of blokes so well worth meeting up with.

See Ya.


Hey people,

Only 24 hrs left to go for the biggest Jap meet in history !! (maybe)

If anyone is unsure of the convoy times and meeting places the
following should clarify:

9.30am Meet at South Mimms services (J23 of M25 in the main car park)
10.00am Leave and head east towards Dartford (have your £1 coin ready)
11.00am Arrive at Clackett Lane services (clockwise side)
11.05am Leave Clackett Lane and head for Bolney
11.30am Arrive at Bolney.

We will be sticking to these times quite strictly so please make sure
you've filled up with petrol and visited the shop/loo etc before
the "leave" times.

Also please bear in mind that we could have a convoy of over 50 cars
from South Mimms so whoever is at the front of the convoy don't speed
off too far (or if you do, slow down enough for us to catch up)

We don't want to lose anyone like last time.

See you all tomorrow.



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silver slug

paul, lol, your so funny:D , you will have to probably remove my GTR front badge from your rear bumper first though in order to fit your sticker:D

Glen, Cheers for the info, will meet up with them now @ 11am then.

See you both there ( stickerless now )

Dirk fastbay Diggler

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Re: Rupert and Myself !

Paul Fox said:

Rupert and I are picking up his car from Abbey tommorow at approx 11:30 / 12 ish, depending on how hammered we get tonight :D

Are we going to have have difficulty getting in to the car park - as I don't fancy walking for 1/2 mile in the rain :mad:

Just wondering as there is A LOT of interest, in yet another successful meet !

Do you think that it may have calmed down a bit after 1ish .... Just wondering .


Hi Paul,

Based on last year, i'd say once the carpark is full, it'll remain that way until the or two people may leave, but i think their spaces will be snapped up pretty sharply.

I'm afraid i can't promise that when you turn up you'll be able to get straight in the carpark.

You may find a few spaces are available then though nearer the pub - as one or two may have decided to call it quits by never know. All i can suggest is coming down and having a look around. I'll try and keep my eyes peeled for spaces so that when i see you arrive, i can let you know where the nearest space is.

I'm afraid that's the best i'm going to be able to do.


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See you at 11 in the Mistubishi Evolution
The Mistubishi Shogun Evolution
Gotta take the wifes car for a spin occasionally
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