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We took the car to the strip and found the car to be dropping boost on the r34 N1's after about 6000 rpm i,e set to 1.45 bar it will boost to 1.31 untill 6,000 rpm and then drop to about 1.15 bar.

How much can this affect the time? just would like to know really as it's good to understand how these kind of things affect the performance on the strip etc.

I would have though it would be a significant difference we were doing 12.8's but the boost wasn't holding at all.

the 0-60 ft were around 1.65 as at the launch we would destroy everything and seemed very fast but once in to 2nd/3rd gear it would slow down especially in third as thats where we are most of the time so the boost was pretty much at 1.08 bar.

we have HKS actuators now and it feels quite different now.
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