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Car has been working very well since mapping apart from two minor issues:

1: When going on boost a slight smell of fuel would arise. I thought this was because I had a leak somewhere in the fuel system that only manifested itself when the fuel pressure went up (using a linear FPR).

2: Dump Valves not working at all, they never open even when they were set as soft as possible.

When installing the D-Jetro I removed the idling controller and all its associated ancillaries, as depicted below:

During this operation I lost some vacuum ports, and had to re-route some vacuum lines. I managed to get everything working except for the dump valves.

My vacuum diagramme now looks like this (compare to image below, borrowed from Tyndago's website):

Blue-coloured hoses/tubes not used at all, removed from the car.
Green-coloured hose/tube from actuators to boost controller and from there to bottom of intake plenum.
With air chamber removed, the orange hose (dump valves) was connected to the boost control hose.
With air chamber removed, the yellow hose/pipe (carbon canister) was connected to the boost control line.
The red hose was left intact, only routed to FPR.
The pink/purple hose (carbon canister) was also left intact.

This setup worked perfectly apart from the fact that the dump valves never opened, forcing the air backwards through the turbochargers and vented through the air filters once the throttle bodies closed. Maximum boost was set to 1.20 bar.

Today I attempted to solve this by blocking off the carbon canister altogether, and connecting port no 5 on the picture above (front throttle body) to the dump valves. I made the boost line go directly from the actuators to the boost controller and then to the intake plenum. Here's the result:

Maximum boost has dropped to 1.00 bar (base pressure of the actuators), regardless of settings on the dump valves.

Dump valves still not operational, tried different settings between soft and hard.

The slight smell of fuel once going on boost is now completely gone.

Any tips, ideas or suggestions on how to solve these issues?
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