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I have searched various forums in hope of finding an answer. What I want to know is where should boost gauge pipe be connected to, before throttle body or after.

What I have seen and what seems to be majority view is before throttle body .

little background:

I have two boost gauges, one is evo ( see below) and one is the greddy boost controller

Prosport Digital Red and Blue EVO series electrical boost gauge

there is a pipe after throttle boddy connected to a filter and then to a t which then goes to greddy and evo gauge.

Evo gauge is reading -21 or -22 psi on idle whilst greddy is -9.9

when it is building boost they seem to match with 0.2 to 0.5 psi difference . I am leaning toward beliving what is shown on greddy as it is a well known brand than evo which is after market .

so now for my questions, would you relocate the boost pipe to before throttle body ? i suppose before TP and after pressure when car is boosted should be the same, in another word the boost should no decrease when it is passing TP .

2. I seem to have a boost leak and have checked all pipes without an issue. What I suspect is, it is my blitz bov as it could be opening sooner than I could reach 10 psi( what I have set the greddy as). what is your view?

I am thinking of getting a new spring for the blitz bov
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