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Boost Logic is proud to release our latest and largest complete GTR package. This 2000whp capable package has been rigorously tested and incrementally pushed over the last 15 months to bring you nearly 1800whp with room for more (much more). Utilizing our proven production pieces, 4125cc billet crank stroker engine, and big framed turbo kit we are able to push the expectations of what is a street car, while retaining air conditioning, power steering, auto shifting and all the amenities your expect from a premium vehicle.

Combining the absolute control of the Motec M1 with our 12 injector intake manifold and mechanically driven fuel pump we were able to create a tame monster. Using a dual in-tank pump setup guarantees a prime on the mechanical pump and proper balance in the fuel tank. A car capable of full auto shifts and easy driving characteristics means less compromise with all the power you can handle.

Look for this subtle silver beast at TX2K and stay tuned to this thread for pictures and additional information.

If you think you can handle the power, PM me for a personal consultation on your BL2000 package installed in our Austin, Tx facility.

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