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We have had our 750 Package on the market for a number of years and it has performed extremely well. With the surge of stock housing upgrades, we have created 2 new offerings for the market below and above our 750 Package. The Stage 1 Package which we had on our Black Friday sale features a compressor wheel upgrade, makes around 660whp and retails for $2499. The BLGTR 750x Package utilizes a custom exhaust wheel and compressor wheel optimized for the GTR. We pair these with custom inlet pipes required with the package.

This setup made 730whp at 20psi on a bone stock engine and transmission with plenty of room to grow. Because this was tested on a stock motor car, we weren't able to maximize the turbos but are looking forward to testing this soon. Performance is visceral on this package with the turbos spooling quicker than stock turbos on e85. Driving this package is amazing as it as power everywhere and there are no compromises. Please inquire for built engine horsepower numbers for this package.

Here are some comparisons of this package versus a stock 2009 GTR with a midpipe and a stock turbo car maximized on e85 on our dynojet dyno. This package spools MUCH quicker than stock and has the instant boost feeling of

E85 stock turbo setups. Bear in mind, this is done on 93 octane while being heavily detuned (5+ degrees of timing removed) due to the stock rods.

The BLGTR 750x Package comes with:

Boost Logic Spec Custom Turbochargers

Boost Logic Oil and Water Line Kit

Boost Logic Custom Inlet Piping

Boost Logic Billet Actuators

All of this packaged will retail for $7499 and we do require your core turbos in exchange. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

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