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I had to remove the Left hand damper to stop the known rust issue becoming a real problem and after reading up there doesnt seem to be any real write up on removing the lower ball nut.

So yesterday I decided to see if the nut could be removed without dismantling the rear end of the car and cutting out and re welding a new piece of metal in place, like tinyflyer had done.

Success!! took about 30mins, so I thought I'd throw a quick thread together in case others wish to either treat the rust, or add extra protection before the issue becomes a problem.

Kit needed
125mm extender bar
15mm socket
12mm spanner

The issue (not my Damper) is the flexing of the metal at the lower damper nut.
Tire Automotive tire Hood Wheel Motor vehicle

Right hand side inner damper nut
Gas Circle Composite material Metal Automotive exterior

Left damper nut (upside down, sorry)

Plumbing fixture Dishware Cuisine Dish Gas

Step 1. Remove the inner lining from the boot, as this gives unrestricted access

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Rim

Step 2. Locate the upper access hole that the nut will be removed from. The red circle is roughly where the rear nut is located.
White Automotive tire Automotive design Rim Motor vehicle

Step 3. (optional) I found it easier to actually get into the boot and face the access hole (excuse the belly)
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Hand Plant Hood Motor vehicle Window

Step 4. (no pick here as my hands were too full) Take the extension bar with the 15mm nut and insert into the access hole towards the area located, i found that I could hold the socket over the nut, pull the bar to the left and down and then attach the ratchet without the socket coming off of the nut.

Step 5. Use the 12mm spanner to remove the nipple bolt from the nut. Now this took some force as the nut is a locking nut and all of that paint on the thread. I actually got someone else to use the spanner as I wanted both hands on the ratchet and I was in the boot.

And success!!!!!!

Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive tire Vehicle door

Looking at it, the rust isnt as bad as I initially thought, so next steps are to;

1. remove all rust, inside and out (JENOLITE Thick Liquid Rust Remover)
2. Protect the inside with JENOLITE Rust Shield Aerosol
3. Prime and respray the exterior
4. Weld/glue a large washer/stainless plate to the rear nut (to spread the force over a larger area)
5. Reassemble.

All in all this is an easy task to undertake and not as daunting as getting a bodyshop to start cutting and fabricating the car.

Hope this helps someone else.
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