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hi, i dont know much about cars so could anyone help with the below:
R32gtr [NOT-vspec model]

[1] are the rear brake discs , brake pads, and calipers exactly the same on a 300zx [uk and/or jap model] as the standard rear R32GTR? and can they be fitted without modification?

[2] On both rear brake disks there is a rusted raised lip around the outer circle/edge of the disk, so i assume the pads are worn? if i get the nissan rear disks skimmed, what is the maximum amount of mm i can safely skim, or minimum thickness of the rear disks in mm, safely?

[3] when changing the oil, first i change the oil filter, after draining out the old oil through the sump plug, can i just replace sump plug and pour in the new oil?........... or do i need to do something else/as well during this process - before starting the car?

[4] where are the jacking points on the 32gtr, are they the under-ridge/sill next to the wheel [facing centre of the car?]

any help would be great, thanks
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