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i picked up a brand new Blitz R-Vit DS, its the Blitz version of the CAMP2 system. NEVER BEEN TAKEN OUT OF THE BOX.

desided since its just gonna sit in my garage until i finish workin on the GTR i might as well sell it.


TEMP and PRESSURE and A/F Sensors can be hooked up also.

Heres what the BLITZ says for it.

The R-VIT is an ultra modern tool that can display much needed information about the vehicles vital running data in real time. Warning limits can be set that flash when you have exceeded a pre-set limit, thus reducing the chances of expensive engine damage.

The R-VIT connects to Japanese vehicles with an OBD II diagnostic port. These are mostly post 1996 vehicles. The R-VIT can display all the data from the vehicles ECU and its sensors on the inbuilt LCD screen.

The R-VIT can read and display real time engine readings such as speed, tachometer, water temp, voltage, injector pulse, intake air temperature, air flow, inlet manifold temperature, oxygen reading, throttle position and many more. The data shown on the R-VIT is dependent upon the data read by the vehicles ECU and varies in different vehicles.

The R-VIT DS Data Link Station, gathers information from the OBDII port and processes this information via it's 32 bit operating system and dual cpu. The information gathered can then be displayed on to the vehicle's monitor.

YouTube - BLITZ R-VIT DS (proto)

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