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Or an induction kit in 'Engrish' :chuckle:

As some of you know I won this through a competitionbut as it has no application on my current cars I have decided to put it up for sale. Obviously its brand new & I only opened the box to check the contents & take the below photograph which yes due to pants quality is iPhone!

* Double conical design for increased surface area
* 4-in-1 universal fitment
* Large 3" cold air feed pipe (upgradable to 4")
* Removable, cleanable replacement filter element

Developed in conjunction with a leading WTCC team, the all-new Pipercross Venom use a new double conical design to increase surface area by over 40% compared to another standard shaped cone. This gives the Venom the largest surface area of any after market enclosed intake system currently available.

As well as increasing the surface area, an increased maximum air flow or low restriction for any given volume of air flow and increased dust capacity means that less servicing is required.

Designed around a high quality polypropylene heat shield and chassis which provides the Venom with an extremely light weight yet durable system. The polypropylene also offers excellent heat protective qualities ensuring the air entering your engine is at its coolest.

£110.00 - Delivered
£100.00 - Collected

Pictures taken from the website :

Opps, sorry wrong picture ... :D

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