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As the title says, I am now looking to break my GTR into bits to pay a few outstanding debts ive just accrued due to splitting from my missus.

Please have a look at the WHOLE project thread and PM with and parts you would be interested in(

Few parts are:

Forged 2.7 block, inc pistons, rods and ACL bearings( Have bills totalling £8000 for bottom end alone)(Only done 1000 miles)(Selling complete engine inc head with HKS cams, uprated valves & springs) £5000 collected
Hypertune Intake Manifold with 100mm TB and 6 injector fuel rail.(New) £2000 Delivered
Whifbitz 1300+bhp turbocharger kit + Uprated Comp Wheel + DEi Blanket(Complete bolt on)(New) £5200 delivered
2000cc ID Injectors £600 Delivered
WON Wet Nitrous Kit inc bottle warmer & 50 shot nozzle £375 delivered
4" HKS exhaust system £600 collected, £650 Delivered
3" decat SS exhaust £350 collected, £400 Delivered
Link G4 ECU
Trust triple core intercooler
Chassis with full motorsport approved weld in cage
All panels, glass etc available.
R33GTR wheels
Front/rear callipers
DBA front discs + uprated pads

Note to admin, I WILL ad prices as soon as I know what they are worth, just looking to gauge interest just now.

Everything available, just ask.

Absolutely gutted to be writing this, this has been a project for me over nearly the past 8 years:(


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So is the g4 available or are you awaiting a response from the other party.

Fire me a pm with prices and location please.
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