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Went down to Bruntingthorpe test track the other week with some pals, Stock M3 Cab, an R34 and an R33 Skyline (both modded by Middlehurst to 400 BHP) and a Mitsubushi 3000 GT (also modded to around 420 BHP).

Did a couple of speed runs on the straight here is a link to the video (not big 556K, the sound is poor compared to what it was like) and a link to the R33,R34 and Mitsi getting underway (1.5Mb)

Dry Track, 16 Centigrade, M3 Cab SMG, Hood Down , S6 DSC off (to begin), no launch control.

Drove the R34 and the Misubushi (the R33 broke its drive half way through), all very quick cars, amazingly both myself and the R34 driver could corner the M3 just as quickly as the up rated R34 (bottom corner 85ish left hander 110) and he was very impressed by its rigidity and lack of shake rattle and roll something I to have noticed in other cabs, mind you this one does have a front strut brace.

On the straight going off the line without launch control (and if the R33 R34 and Mitsi got away alright) the M3 lost out by between almost a car length to 60 and then held its own against the R34 and Mitsi right the way up, the R33 which despite being in the same state of tune as the R34 was quicker 80+. In practise usually one or other of the cars fluffed the start or missed a gear so in fact the M3 was never last (more consistency from SMG F1 style gearbox) and in fact did end up 2nd a couple of times to 60 and was 1st to 100 once, the M3 generally did better to 100 than 60.

Unfortunately when I have the camera secured to the wheel it slightly obstructs my view of the instruments and the gear indicator. It doesn't disrupt my operation of the main controls, but it is distracting and this makes it difficult to get a really good run with the thing on, having said that on this run , 0-60 comes up at 6secs, 0-100 at just on 13 secs and 0-155 at round 41 secs. I got better times than this without the video in the way, using lauch control and putting the hood up also improves the times. The Straight is 2 miles long.

Link to video
Skyline R33, R34 and Mitsi racing off the mark.
0-157mph with Hood Down :D :D :D 0-157mph

1st time with launch control, (by this time the r33 was broken), The M3 stayed within half a car length of the R34 (he got a good start) to about 65mph (the Mitsi fluffed the start), then the r34 had a sloppy 2nd to 3rd, I got a car length clear and he couldn't close the gap all the way to 150mph.
2nd time I was on my own and got the car up to bumping along at 158-160mph in 5th, limiter seems to be there and it was present in the other cars.

Excellent day, the Skyline E34 was supposed to be 400bhp and 4.5 0-60 4wheel drive 4 wheel steer, racing suspension and strut braces. It drove well and went very quick but really there wasn't that much in it compared to the M3, it did have less feel that the M3 through the steering and the in gear acceleration may have been slightly better but it didn't feel it or manifest it self round the track, the gear change was good and the clutch really light (not a lot of feel) .
The Mitsi had no headroom and had really light steering, a notchy gear box and it oversteered !! At speeds when the other cars were sticking to the track with slight understeer in the Skylines, the back end of the Mitsi was coming out, it didn't make you that much slower but it was alarming, the steering didn't inspire confidence. I actually beat every one off the mark in this car, everybody else was getting all 4 wheels spinning, but because it wasn't my car I wasn't trying too hard and just pulled away at 3250-3500, I went off like a train and only lost out at the first corner when the back went out and I shat myself backing right off.

A great day and it really shows what these cars are capable of once you hit the high numbers. :D :D :D
Although they were quicker the Skylines didn't whip me as badly as I thought they might.

Also interesting was the difference in performance between the Skylines which were supposed to have the same Mods by Middlehurst.
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