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So as the title says really. Iv been doing alot of research and making full use of the search button :) . But id now like some advice and veiws about what im going to do.

Iv always like the sound of how the GT-RS turbos pull and the sort of power levels they can produce. But from much reading iv seen that on a RB26 they take a bit of time to get going. So iv decided to go RB28. I would go RB30 but id like to stick to the same block as its a bit less hassel for me.

I'd like to get the most out of these turbos so everything from intake to exhurst has been looked at. This is not a money is no object build but i want to do my best.

Also the head seems like it needs work, or more can be got out of it is more to the point. Also im wondering weather to go single throttle body or keep the six smaller ones. And from what iv read some people seem to have suffle problems. Could this be sorted by having a twin entry intercooler and a balance pipe?

Ok this is just some of the things iv been thinking about but im gonna put down the parts i think i need to have a high reving and a bullet proof engine (or as close as i can get lol ).

HKS GT-RS turbos + manifolds
HKS or Tomi elbos
Forged pistons
Forged rods and bolts
Forged counter balanced 2.8 crank
Tomi oil pump
N1 water pump
Tomi 1.5mm oil restrictor
Tomi head baffles
Tomi sump baffles and sump extention
Large fuel rail
Fuel pressure reg
1000cc injectors
52mm alloy rad
twin entry intercooler
hardpipe kit
inlet plenum ( not sure what one- pointers please)
os gear set for 6 speed getrag
ats triple plate clutch
ati harmonics damper
adjustable cam pullys
Acl race bearings
Oil cooler
spark plugs (not sure what i would need)
Head bolts Tomi engine gasket kit and head gasket
2 bosch 044 fuel pumps
Swearl pot and pump lifter
High lift cam (Again not sure on what would be good)

This is what iv come up with to fully support the engine and turbos. Brakes and suspention are to come later, but before the car is on the road lol. And i don't want to go single either. The idea is to make it look standard so most parts will be sprayed black. Anyways any advice would be great and if anyone knows of parts or places to get bits just as good and the named stuff drop me a pm. :)

Many thanks :clap:

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Just a thought but your choice of ECU could well have a baring on things. As I understand it shuffle is partly hardware and partly mapping. I get a bit of shuffle on mine in certain weather conditions when the engine is warm but not at operating temperature. I'm sure that this would be solved if my map could accommodate these conditions.

Obviously bigger turbos will be more prone to shuffle. You may find that the 'right' ECU can be better mapped to deal with things.

Are you fitting an R34 box too?

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Yes i was thinking of a r34 box. I was thinking of the hks pro-v gold. Don't want a Power FC because it has a smaller grid or cells from what iv seen. So more cells means better fine tuneing i guess, but needs to be a good mapper lol.

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HI i fitted GT-RS turbos on my R33 in june on a standard engine with
1000cc injectors
fuel pump
power fc
std air flows
std manifolds
std R33 turbo elbows

I get a bit of turbo shuffle on low revs under 3000 rpm need to drop a gear or keep the car revving .
Turbos spool forever 8100rpm and plenty more to go
dont really take off till 5000rpm but when the go its crazy

Going for 2600cc forged rebuild on saturday different manifolds and elbows sump extention baffle and return .
I will let you know how things go

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from having been in a bored out 87mm car with garret -10s basically the garrett equivalent of the GTRS's they spooled up at about 4200 and just kept pulling.

was a fast car and boost picked up very nicely, shuffled ALOT though.

That was on PFC D-jetro with no balanced manifolds etc though
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