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After the recent spate of thefts and following the decision by many of us to park our cars up for the winter the GTROC has managed to secure a discount on Bulldog Security's CA2000 Wheel Clamp:

High security drill and pick resistant lock.
Heavy duty and highly visible.
Fully strengthened steel bottom arms.
Adjustable arms allow fitment to a varity of wheel sizes.
Protects wheel nuts.
Recommended for alloy wheels.
Sold Secure Gold Approval
Insurance Approved

Practical Caravan Magazine - "A real bruiser of a Wheel Clamp the Centuars success reflects its smart thief proof design." Undefeated.
What Car? Security Super Test Best Product-
"The Centuars sheer size and bright colour helps to put thiefs off"

Delivered this would normally cost £155 + £15 postage (£170)
GTROC members can buy this for £140 delivered.

If you are interested please add your name to a list. We need ten orders to make it worthwhile.
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