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hi everyone,

after owning 2x evo's and a noble m12gto3r its time for a spot of skyline ownership. (maybe)

I appreciate that the following questions have been asked over and over again as over on the MLR most of these type of threads have, however i need the right answers from you guys by Tuesday at the latest:thumbsup:

here goes;

The car has just had all the belts changed at Abbey, has had 1 jap owner and 1 uk owner. Completetly standard with only some nice 18" rims....... car has covered 54k miles.

Any common faults on the r33 v spec?

What is the reliability like and how much power can you run safely?

If you wanted to achieve about 450 bhp what is the way to go? I prefer a nice loud exhaust system TBH... will probably only use the car as a wknd car anyway......

Who offers a full tuning and service package aside from the usual Abbey msport and large garage tuners. Reason being i had some great service from some of the smaller tuners with the Evo's.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS what 0-60 times and top speed could you expect from a car with 450 bhp:clap:

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hi mate,

Reliability, generally they're pretty solid, as long as they're looked after like any other jap car, sure you'll know the score with regular oil changes with evo's, at least you'll be used to the high costs and regular service intervals from evo ownership :D
Common faults, not really that i can think of, after not far off a year of ownership mine's been mechanically solid as a rock since i got it, just had something go wrong engine wise, still trying to diagnose it but it's no reflection on RB's as a whole by any means.
Service / Tuning wise, can't beat the boys at APT imo, not "skyline specialists" (which imo is just used as a licence to charge silly money with the exception of RB motorsport). But Gary, Christian and the rest of the boys there are nothing short of excellent at what they do, and they've done a few skylines recently, mine's going there too all the way from the north east.
you might of heard of them from the MLR, Gary's evo is quite tasty these days with the stroker kit and GT35 etc.

APT - Performance tuning specialists in Norwich

450BHP is a doddle to get out of them. The big weakness of the standard car being the ceramic turbo's i guess, mine's in that ball park with steel internal'd turbos, induction kit, MHG, full exhaust and decat, boost controller, 1 bar of boost, decent map and a couple of other bits and pieces.
450 should be ok on the standard bottom end if it's a good one, but it's about the limit where you want to start thinking forged pistons and the like.

0-60ish, kinda hard to say really, depends on a lot of factors like clutch and the driver's launch ability. around the 4 secs mark 0-60 and 180 shouldn't be too hard to obtain with a decent setup :)

hope this helps.


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everyone knows the 32 GTR is the one to have, rather than the lardy 33

*runs and hides* ;)

Yes thats right, everyone knows the GTR33 is the one to have rather than the oap 32-Runs and hides the other way:runaway: :chuckle:
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