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I think I can try to read, I am a Chinese.... Japanese words somewhere like Chinese... and I also have Japanese Friend here in UK, which can be help....

I post it after I try.... ok?

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im new here, and just saying hi and trying to help out with this Japanese stuff ( im chinese too but i can see something in there which could mean alot to you guys.....but i think not ).

it wont help or mean much but there is a few things i pick up from it:-
something about a weight of 1500kgs
something on the gearbox about CVT and 350GT
mention about some thing along the MercSL and a BMW.....follow by a FR/4WD
something about the wheels or the brakes not stable( well......from the chinese words thats what it said......not stable )
( i think what i just wrote above is full of crap......)

anyway........from the last page where u see a JGTC:-
i think they were on about the JGTC VQ30 engine of which said something about the power out put if it,
VQ30( replace that chinese/japanese word with a english it means MODDED ),
93.0x73.3mm ( bore? stroke? )

now......thats as far as i can understand since im a......ahem.....chinese.....

hope it helps but from what i can see, its full of crap.


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Sorry for the very very late reply,

anyway me too! that's so far I can read as well.... as I from Hong Kong as well, but live in UK... :D

I think is:

First page:
The new scary fact of next GT-R 3 litre v6

unqiue SCOOP special,
Photo of Nissan!

The new Skyline, New Japanese confirmed look!!

The power of the Next GT-R
The fact of Next GT-R

and the rest is not relate to the GT-R

Second page:
unqiue SCOOP special, Fact of Nissan Part 1


Third page:

VQ30DE engine,
Max Torque:50kgm
Max power 360ps
weight 1500kgs
Transmission used is CVT from the 350GT (I think is a triptronic gearbox, +- shift)

Fourth page:
Selling vesion of GT-R

and it mention something about the selling price in Japan, which have a plan A and Plan B, and finally the plan A has been used with the price approximatly aroung 700 0000 Yen.

Last page:
It mention about the new turbo and the transmission for the 4WD system, and the next GT-R is Nissan five year ahead technology(?) and the reborn of Nissan technology.

and :

Modified VQ30
engine size 2987cc
bore x stroke 93.0x73.3mm
max power 485ps+/5600rpm
max torque 75.0kgm+/4000rpm

Something like that, hard to read, expecially if u print it out, can't read the word clearly! :(

anyway, other reason for the late reply, is although me and my wife love GT-R alot, which nearly bought one, but finally she choose to have a Mercedes...:mad:

which is a s reg E55 AMG... she like the comfore of Mercedes....... but driving is definately not as good as a GT-R....but anyway, I will be around the forum, as I still want to looking for a nice R34!!:D

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About the gearbox, as far as I know there is talk of a so called Extroid CVT with 7 locked gears. As you may know, CVT means Continuous Variable Transmission (invention from the Netherlands, actually :)). A CVT transmits the torque always in an optimal fashion normally, through a belt which is coupled to a set of (so to speak) cones. A locked gear means that the belt is actually locked in a fixed position, as it would be in a normal gear (in terms of gear-ratio).

You can find more information about this on the official Nissan website (PDF). I could read the file due to character problems, but the pictures say enough:

Extroid CVT

There's also a more readable article about it here . This article also confirms the engine-gearbox combination(VQ30DET) in that sense (official Nissan memo as well, even though it's a bit old). As far as I can see, this is going to be it for the new Skyline.

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