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here is a story you may enjoy reading (not sure enjoy is the correct word as its a terrible story) regarding these tex me alarms.

My mate purchased a new M3 a few months ago.

Anyway his house was raided by a bunch of lads that held his daughter at knife point until my mate handed over the keys to the BMW! :(

lucky for him no one was hurt (well my mate had a minor knife injury where one of them pushed a knife to his throat before they found his young daughter a sleep upstairs)

So he handed over the keys the second they found his daughter and they made off with his car. The police picked up the tracker siginal and found the car a few miles away.

Anyway he had a tex me alarm fitted to his HOUSE! So we was all around a friends having a few beers and my mate turned up in his M3 and joined in on the beers! He parked his BMW at the rear of the house (a very weel to do area with footballers etc local)

So everyone is sat there enjoying there beer when his phone goes off saying his house alarm is going off! So we all cram into a car being drove buy the sober one of us all! We arrive at his house and yes its been broken into.

Nothing is missing apart from his spare set of keys for the BMW! We all turn to each and say your lucky your car was not here but left at dans house!

So we all cram back into the sober persons car plus a taxi due to the police was there :D and make our way back to Dans house where the BMW was parked outside. (his house was about 3 miles away)

Have you guessed yet?

We pull up and there is no BMW M3 parked outside anymore!!!

The theifs must of seen the car parked up and known his address and went to steal the spare keys! And us lot let them have it as we all went to his house instead!
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