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Here's a pic of the standard genuine Bee*R mirrors. I'm getting a few sets made up in carbon fibre for £280 inc.

The mirror glass itself will be coated in a water resistant coating that will stop water sticking and fogging up in winter.

The mirror housing will be made in real carbon fibre and the fixing plates will be in black fibreglass (universal fitting) or in carbon for cars that I have std. mirrors to make moulds from. R32 is already catered for. I will need 33/34 mirrors for a day to make the mould from.

The mirrors are manually adjusted and really for weight saving. Carbon fibre ones weigh 500grams

If you would like to order a set I would like a £50 deposit. They will be ready in about 4-6 weeks. Universal sets are £250. Tailored for 32, 33, 34 etc. I will need a mirror first then add £10.

Thanks in advance

James Wolstenholme
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