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Have been storing this for a while now, I meant to fit it for the HKS series rounds but never seemed to get the car and bootlid in the same place before an event! So rather than keep storing I thought i'd offer it for sale as I have my eye on some other more expensive parts!

It's a very high quality high gloss dry moulded carbon on both the inner and outer skins and very light, approx. 2-3kg not sure of make but JDM. It has though picked up a minor bit of gel coat type damage while in storage on the top right corner (see pics). It would repair easily with clear resin and a flat and polish off but honestly is practically invisible when on the car.

It's a direct bolt on replacement for the OEM bootlid and takes the original lock mechanism with threaded nuts embedded in the carbon it does not feature the high level brake light. I've used it for a few weeks only during the Summer 2008. It would also fit GTT models.

Swap the original bootlid and spoiler for this carbon one and remove the lower part of the rear strut bracing while retaining the rear strut brace itself to save 60lb in weight!

Looking for £350.00 if anyone is interested? I'm near Reading Berkshire but I'll be driving up to Chesterfield later this week if that helps anyone with delivery / pick-up.

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