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i back..
i dont know eccs relay ok or not(how to know)it is normal when relay feeling warm/hot but not too hot?fuel pressure okusing 2 fuelpumps internal and external with fuel catch tank,now i bypass catch tank means that intank fuelpump flowing petrol direct to external fuelpump and fuel return to a coke bottle,(using sard fuel regulator with meter)3-4psi setup..geoffree,CAS snsor have 4 pin rite which is
1-120° l.e.d=on
2-1° l.e.d=on
3-Power l.e.d=on
4-Ground l.e.d=OFF(why,what the problems)
ive check CAS grounding,power,injector power,ground etc harness to ECU all ok,i test 4 pin CAS socket connector with Testlight/batery -+120°,1°and Power receive 12v current(LED light ON)but when test to Ground pin theres no power at all(LED not light up)is that normal?if it not how to fix it.can engine start if in the fuel rail have air bubble?
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