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This is an unbelievable offer, 37% off from the RRP !!!
Get your Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Package at
£7500 including fitting and VAT !!!!!
More about this package:

Alpha R35 GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Package

The Alpha R35 GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Package shaves 62lbs of rotating mass, improves the braking capabilities and RETAINS the parking brake function of your GT-R. This is the perfect brake kit if you race or have a high powered street GT-R!
Quicker Acceleration & Improved Braking
Carbon Ceramic Brakes (CCB) evolved from Formula 1 racing and have proven themselves on some of the fastest and most exotic cars including the Lamborghini Gallardo, Koenigsegg CCX and Lexus LFA. Exotic Car Manufacturers chose Carbon Ceramic braking technology because it drastically reduces unsprung weight (rotating mass as opposed to static weight). This is important because if the engine and drivetrain have less mass to get moving, it translates to quicker acceleration and better low end power, not to mention less drivetrain breakage, and quicker suspension response.
The Perfect Brake Package For The Street and Drag Strip
Unlike a drag-only brake option, this kit will improve your stopping power. The Alpha Carbon Brake Package is the perfect mix of lightweight components yet decreases the required stopping distance vs. the stock brakes making it a great option for use on both the drag strip and the street.
Only The Best For Your GT-R
The carbon ceramic brake rotors in this package weigh almost 50% less than equivalent cast-iron units. They also and have a lifespan of up to 4x longer and are capable of operating at extreme temperatures without warping. These vented vane carbon ceramic rotors feature a lightweight, hard anodized aluminum hat and come assembled with the highest quality hardware. We also include Alpha braided stainless steel brake lines.
Racing Brakes Without The Dreaded Squeaking
Another benefit of the Alpha Carbon Ceramic Brakes is they do not squeak. Normally when you outfit your car with racing brake pads they squeak loudly causing embarrassing situations at stop lights. This typically is an inevitable annoyance with the standard racing pad/rotor combination. With the Alpha Carbon Ceramic brakes however this is a thing of the past. Now you can drive in to that car show, drive thru or nightclub with confidence!
Proven To Stop The World’s Quickest & Fastest GT-R
This is the same kit we developed and use on our world record holding, 2000+HP Alpha Omega R35 GT-R which has slowed Omega down from over 185mph drag passes! If the Alpha Carbon Ceramic Brake Package can stop Omega, imagine what it can do for your GT-R!

Retains Parking Brake Function

Other kits on the market may delete the parking brake function. We provide rear rotor hats with integrated parking brake drums (see additional images) so you never lose that additional level of safety when parking on an inclined surface.
Out brake the competition, order your Alpha R35 GT-R Carbon Brake Package today!
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