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How to switch languages?

Found this on the internet.

A friend loaned me his old CONSULT 1. The battery has been dead for over a year. I recharged the battery overnight, so it boots now, but to ERROR 203, and the character set is in Japenese

I assume there is a special key-combination that needs to be executed prior to starting the CONSULT, since there are no other buttons/switches

I have the same problem.

The guide does not work

First remove card. at the same time press ON button and the squares upper left and right on screen. ( you may have to do this a couple of times until you get the correct sequence ). When correct it will say insert card?? type the letter Y ( insert purple card ) it will start to will have to hit enter as you go. Thats it
thx ;)

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Hi all,
i would like share my experiences...

I obtained Nissan Consult 1 or Consult-i, device was probably unused for more than 8 years. After approx 10 minuts of charging and turn on the consult return
"Error 200" - that menas battery is low.
I charge Consult over nigth, next day after turn on consult reply:
"HT-QS V1.04" (probably FW version) and
"Error 203" - that is probably somethings like misconfiguration or program error... i dont know.
If you press enter, Consult display Japan menu but this isnt Car diagnostic menu...

After many attemtpts...
If you hold down power on button and THEN hold down left / right corner, the Consult beeping with changing sound frequency.

If you pres both left and right top corner of display in same moment like press power on (is possible that power on button is on the board
dusty and you need press them deeper) Consult display report "Initialize by card". Next insert card and pres "y".

Consult now probably download program from card and display messages like: "SYSU, SYMC, SYMU, MAIN, GRHN..." after aprox 4min is operation complete.

After next turn on Consult write: "Low Lithium batt volt!", if you press anything button the divice go to power off.

I disasemble device and change CR2032 battery.

After next start Consult inform about new error - i dont remember "Error 1xx" and info "wrong directory".

So i repeat initialization process, after finish consult start into car menu.

I have two card (delaer location Europe - Czech Republic) EE922 and EE960.
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