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Hi Guys, there are NOT mine. Im advertising them for a mate from the SXOC forum.

Cheers, YODI

Heres the add:

Hi Chaps,

OK, so here's an alternative to paying silly money to HKS/Blitz for a fairly simple piece of circuitry -

I am manufacturing these for 30 pounds each. They are simple but well made turbo timers. They essentially keep your car running for as long as you wish, to allow the turbo to cool down. They will work on any car. For more info, check out this link

For those of you who don't know, turning off a turbo'd car after a drive without giving the turbo a bit of time to cool down is VERY bad for the turbo, and will eventually kill it - which is VERY bad for your wallet

If you fancy some of this action, just post on the thread on the 200 board, which is HERE


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