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Hi mates

I'm french so by advance, sorry for my english :blahblah:

I contact because I have a problem on a friend's R33 GTR.

He has the check engine on and when we checked this on his Apexi Power FC we saw the air intake sensor gave 0.01v (and put the check engine light on)

We tried to switch this sensor with which of my own 32 gtr but it changed nothing.

So we tried to see how much volts came to this sensor on a multimeter and it was only 0.01v too. :rolleyes:

So for me there is two ways:
- there is a wire cutted (but the wiring looks good and go until the power fc)
- there is a problem on the part which transform the initial 12v in a 2/3 volts for the sensor (electrical resistance)

And it's for to find this last part I need you help for. If I can find this electrical regulator, I'll switch with part of my own car.

Anybody would have a picture and a location plz?

Thanks very much for your anwers ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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