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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to thank Jamie for taking me out in his R34....

I was at abbey today picking up my GTI-R (new AP Clutch to replace the rather worn Nismo) and met up with Jamie...he offered to take me out for a spin, and WOW (!!!) what a weapon ! It's the first time i've ever been out in an R34, and it's also the most powerful car i've ever been in. I have never been in a car that accelerated so fast, braked so fast and handled so really is the complete tool...and i can fully understand why you guys rave about them so much.

This doesn't mean i'm gonna rush out and buy one because i'm still enjoying every minute of the car i have (and thanks to Abbey, it just keeps getting better and better), but i will definately be after one when i decide that it's time to move on.

Thanks again to Jamie for taking me out in it, it was much appreciated and very much enjoyed.

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