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Ok guys so here is my personal r35 its a stage 4 uk my10 sat nav car with lots of gtc carbon and a set of oz ultraleggra with 285 r888 all round.
i'm currently testing the valving on the Quantum race 2way suspension while running a 20" wheel, these were made for the nismo gt3 car before another damper manufacture took the deal to supply jrm.

Over the next few months there i will be helping produce and test a range of new suspension products for the r35 including

-Quantum adjustable front camber arms
-Quantum adjustable front anti lift kit
-Quantum adjustable rear carber arms
-Quantum adjustable rear toe arms
-Quantum adjustable rear traction arms
-Quantum track anti roll bar kit
-Quantum race bladed anti roll bar kit
-Quantum raise/lift kit for quantum coilovers(Quantum already run these on a number of supercars 430 458 gallardo cerrera gt etc etc

later in the year we hope to have the quantum 1 way damper that will plug and pay with the r35 electronic damping system so exciting times

i'm currently waiting a new body kit so i can get my new wheels on but here is the pics as the car currently is

new wheels and tyres too i'll be putting toyo 21" t1r to the test with my avs f15

as well as rs1 slick and 315 r888 with my tciii track wheels


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Who supplied bodykit? Looks lovely.

I had Quantum on the R34 when I bought it, didn't realise it was such a good make until recently!
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