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A nice circuit and a good bunch of people. A real nice circuit, not too technical but quick once you have the hang of it. Great learning ground. Nice journey. Generally... Nice!

Travelling down on Friday. Track all day Saturday and then beers in the evening. Slow drive home on Sunday...

"Open Pit Lane" Session
Jonny Leroux Stafford Silver Caterham 7 Superlight (133 bhp)
Shiny Andy Stafford Ali / Yellow Caterham 7 (145 bhp)
PetrolTed Leatherhead, Surrey Storm Grey TVR S4C (167 bhp)
CarZee Basingstoke Powder Blue Volvo 240DL (96 bhp)
Andrew Derodra London Yellow Caterham Superlight R (190 bhp)
Andy Cohen Epsom Cosmos Blue TVR Tuscan S (390 bhp)
Ian Smith Kenley Green TVR Giffith500 (340 bhp)
Richard Carter Nazeing Ruby Mica Red TVR Tuscan Speed Six (360 bhp)
Mark Johnston London Arabian Blue TVR S2 (178 bhp)
Matt Daniels Bromley New Aluminium Lotus Elise (118 bhp)
James Hall Tadley, Hants Yellow Ultima Mk 4 (300 bhp)
Jeremy Copp Surbiton Crystal Topaz TVR Cerbera 4.5LW (420 bhp)
Mike Edge Farnborough Lotus Azure Blue Caterham Superlight 1600 (140 bhp)
Simon Whatley woking blue TVR Cerbera
Baron Toner Wilmslow Brown Shed
Adam Corcoran Suffolk Black Nissan Sunny 1.6GL
Pete Daley Windsor Cooper Green TVR Griffith 500 (320 bhp)
Martin Redwood London Silver Porsche 911 GT3 (360 bhp)
Donald Ross Brussels Blue TVR Chimaera 450 (275 bhp)
Mike Stokes Abergavenny Gold Saxo VTR (100 bhp)
Gillian Wright London Blue TVR Chimaera

Dave Lanagan - Mitsubishi Evo 5 (My old yellow one. Quick!!!)
Greg Cook - TVR Cerbera 4.5
Alex Roebuck - Stuart Taylor Locosaki
Sean Hayes - TVR 420 SEAC
Jason Horsnell - BMW
Martin Phillipson - Noble M12 GTO
Graham Ingleby - TVR Tuscan Speed 6
Maurice Buxton - Noble M12GTO
Sunroof - Lotus Elise
Mr Trilby - Caterham Superlight
Claire Richardson, Gerjo Timmerije - TVR Griffith 500
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