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I presume he hasn't got round to the brakes yet. No way you can have a "circuit spec" R35 with stock brakes! :runaway:

Wheels do indeed look silly. Are they 18" or 19"?

Do I spy a fan assisted cooler hiding behind the left rear grille?

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The brakes use aluminum bell hats. KC racing sells them.

KC racing is looking for anyone to sell there stuff world wide (its mostly chinese products, cant say about the quality yet). Some of there products are copies of idea's from other R35 products. Also the exhausts might be a gamble (dunno for sure, yet).

they have loads of stuff already made.
i have loads of pics of all there parts but this forum doesnt allow me to upload images and i dont want to upload them to my server :(
loads of carbon made by Topmix

This car makes 195ps more than stock. the stock dyno laid down 431ps and the final made 626.9ps. They arrived at 690 by multiplying by 1.1
There dyno is reading high in comparison to most USA dynos.

found this comment and a few other bad reports about kc racing...
KC racing has BAD reputation in Hong Kong and they lie a lot. Also the guy name Nick or Dr. Nick he doesn’t know how to operate consult III because my friend has done the service with KC with bad outcome. I found this ad and i must say the body is nice but problem in this company.
either way you can read all the new posts they make and all the parts they have herE:

the page takes forever to load and sometimes you need to refresh it :(
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