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My mate is selling his Type R, perfect condition, i can vouch that it has been extreemly well looked after and sounds unreal. Ive just copied and pasted his advert, any questions either PM me or email him on the address below.

Well the time has come where i am going to have to sell my pride and joy, i
have just got a new job and the extra money has given me the opportunity to
get something a little bigger before i get a house....... that being dream
car number 2 a skyline!!!

Anyway here is a quick description of what is up for sale

2003 '03 (pre facelift) Silver Civic Type R
26.5k Miles
AEM Long Ram Cold Air induction System
EBC Grooved Disks
Spoon Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Ferdo DS2500 Brake Pads
Hondata ECU with Launch control - Mapped by Paul @ TDI North/System R
Magnex Exhaust System
DC Sports Titanium Strut Brace

All work has been done by TDI North/ System-R, and the car has been dyno'd at 189.5 hp at the wheels with 195lb of torque.
(i have print out to show this)

This is a stunning example of a type r and must been seen to be fully

Offers around £10500.

email:- [email protected]

*** Photos***

These are the links to the photos on photo bucket.


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Back from the dead, with the worlds biggest pics at....


(he was after a 33 but now looking for a house)
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