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Have a full set of the small heater / coolant hoses to fit R33 GTR, including the oil cooler, bypass lines, etc. Total 11 hoses, I sourced these from a Japanese dealer several years ago when I noticed that the coolant hoses connecting to the oil cooler on my R33 were seeping at the connections. I never got around to installing them, and I have since sold my car so they are up for sale. The hoses and shipping from Japan was about $400 at the time as I recall, I am looking to get $340USD.

These hoses can be fit into a flat rate postal shipping box, so figure $60 for shipping. If you have a R33 with original hoses, you probably need these. I don't know if these parts are still available from the dealer, if they are you guys in the UK can probably get them easily but I thought I'd post an advert in case there was any interest.

If interested, send me a pm. I am not on this forum that often now, but I will check my inbox every few days or so.

Here is a pic of the hoses. All new in the original Nissan bags.

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