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Hi Guys

I am selling this car for a very close friend of mine.

He has covered about 300 miles in the car, and then had a serious crash driving to work (in another car). Now due to the servity of his injurys he wont ever be able to drive again and has to sell his beloved impreza.
It was bought with 12month warranty from SVA imports in Dover about 9 months ago. The car is mint, not a mark on it, its sounds awesome, i have not heard a better sounding impreza. It pulls very very stong in every gear. it is one of the best in the UK.
It has a De Cat fitted, and exhaust, other than that its totally standard.
The engine has just had a new bottom end, supplied and fitted by SVA. It also has a new Motorsport oil pump, belts and its just been serviced.

general information on the car

37000 miles
Cool grey with grey 17" gold alloys
2ltr red top engine with 5 speed transmision & center diff controller
Intercooler water spays
Climate control
CD player
Cat 1 alarm
Rac Tracker

Pics of the car....

Looking for offers around 12k.

Please PM me for more information.

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