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Stay tuned as will be making some cool news announcments soon including:

1. Release of our new GTC Full carbon range. The bonnet, rear wing, side skirts are really special. Very strong and light. Full dry carbon, not carbon layered over frp.

2. Will be posting info, pics, news on the new Forge Intercooler for the GT-R. Proven torque increase on the dyno (due to larger pipework) and superior cooling. can honestly say this is UK made and will be best design on the market with most reasonable price. Most the stuff from ARC, AAM, AMS, Greddy are just near identical to the oem design just a little wider.

3. Exciting new developments in the Ap being worked on now in UK & US.

4. GTC 700hp clutch, oil pan and trans coolers

5. We're thinking of running a GTROC member / Group buy on Euro accessPORT, GTC Titan and maybe few other items. With end of year rapidly approaching and the return to normal VAT !!!! any interest in this ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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