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Hey selling my seats as the drivers one is too small for me and im going back to the non helmet support type ones.

They have been re-stitched in bride material and are carbon/Kevlar so very light. They don't come with the side mounts as there welded to the floor and I need them, the drivers on does have a rip in but can easily be re-stitched. They look awesome just a shame I struggle to drive as there too small and give me a dead leg lol.. size wise I think around a 38 inch waist would be max but there snug so would suit more 32-36 whats that like medium/normal size.

These are £530 each new... + bride stitching and re-stitiching. So cost around £1100

£750 collected

FIA until... il need to check but most of the stuff ran out in 2011

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