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We have received an update regarding Track Days which states that they are currently still running and that the new Motorsport UK declaration does not apply for these events. Having actually spoken to the circuits themselves, some are non-committal as they state that the situation is a move-able feast.

If we book through agencies such as Gold Track or Circuit Days etc, then we do get a small degree of protection in so far as a credit would be given against future events. As a club, we feel this to be risky and suggest that you book direct with these organisers and post up what you have done and invite other members to join you.

I will willingly assist in collating the numbers on the forum, but as a club we cannot be held responsible for any cancellations or postponements. Difficult times but please consider your actions and any repercussions of your actions (such as passing this virus onto loved ones etc).

Keep safe
John Miskin
GT-R Drivers Club
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