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CPR 3" Y-Pipe De-Cat - Dyno Results & Photos - UK's best S/S Y-Pipe Design?..

Presenting the CPR 3" Front Y-Pipe for Nissan GTR R35.
UK's best S/S Y-Pipe Design? Please respectfully judge for yourself.

This Exhaust enhancement replaces the standard Front Y-Pipe Section which houses the 2nd Pair of
Catalysts, which sap large amounts of engine power.

Upgrading to the CPR 3" Y-Pipe removes these restrictive Catalysts, which massively improves the engine's ability to breath.

The turbochargers are then able to work with less resistance, making boost sooner, slightly higher and for prelonged period.

The Exhaust sound is massively improved also, with a much deeper, sportier tone produced.


  • 3" Internal Diameter Pipes merging into 3"
  • Hand built Collector constructed from 5 x Smooth Mandrel bends for smoothest possible gas flow (a major advantage over our competitors')
  • Full T304 Stainless Steel Construction from UK Sourced Material Suppliers
  • Laser Cut Flanges for optimum fitment
  • Stainless Steel Flexi Sections to allow engine movement and prevent cracking.
  • Collector positioned at optimum point to encourage smooth gas flow from each turbo, and to reduce exhaust tone resonance.
  • One Piece design to avoid any unnecessary additional joins/gaskets/hardware

Competitors' Products

Milltek Y-Pipe

GTC Y-Pipe

HKS Y-Pipe

Performance Gains.
The CPR Y-Pipe has been developed through R&D Sessions on UK and JDM GTR's using our in-house Dyno Dynamics 4 Wheel Rolling Road.

JDM Test Car (Stock) we rolled at 476.8HP Estimate Flywheel (380.6HP at the wheels)
with CPR 3" Front Pipe = 486.3 Estimate Flywheel (387.4HP at the wheels)

Stock Car we rolled at 480lbft at 3,800 RPM
with CPR 3" Front Pipe = 520lbft at 3,800 RPM

Stock car max boost 12 psi with drop to 9.5psi by 5,500 RPM
with CPR 3"Front Pipe, boost is up to 13psi, holding 11psi until 6,000 RPM

Air-to-Fuel Ratio.
Stock car shows a very Rich AFR (safety margin) which is off the scale rich (0.69 Lambda) at 4,300 RPM
With CPR 3" Front Pipe, the AFR is overall still Rich and very safe.

The 3" Front Pipe can be fitted to cars with Stock or Aftermarket Air Intakes / and Stock or Sports Cat-Back Exhaust System.

The stock GTR Map will support this modification as proven with the Air Fuel Ratio Log's, but a Custom Re-Map or Stage 1 Map offered via Cobb
Tuning Access Port would improve the Map further, to produce even more performance gains.

The CPR 3" Y-Pipe is featured in our Stage 1 Performance Package for the R35 GTR, where along with Uprated Sports Panel Air Filters, power levels can be raised up to 550hp maximum without any ECU Upgrade;


Our Y-Pipe comes with lifetime warranty against cracking or failure.

Manufactured in house to our own high standards of quality control.

Totally reversible for your original Catalyst Y-Pipe

Installation is very easy for home/amateur mechanic (or we can offer a free installation service* to GTROC Members)

* for limited time only

We have now sold 10 Y-Pipes to close customers with UK/European/US and JDM Models for personal evaluation and testing, and are now very
proud to offer our Y-Pipe to general public.

We are offering the Y-Pipe at GTROC Special Price of £350.00+VAT

Next Day Courier (UK Mainland) = £9.99+VAT

Please call our sales line on +44 (0)1925 414199 to order.

Thank you very much for reading.
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