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CPR GTR Induction Kit & Air Flow Meter Bodies - to suit stock to big HP Applications!

Introducing the CPR GTR Air Flow Meter Upgrade Induction Kit, our own developed product, designed, tested and manufactured in-house by CPR Engineers.


  • High Quality Aerospace Aluminium mandrel bent Piping
  • CNC Machined Air Flow Meter Body Sections & Flanges
  • Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road In-House Tested
  • Cone Type High Flow Air Filter support 500hp each!!

The CPR Induction Kit was developed for the GTR to provide a solution to supporting increased air intake requirements for the GTR, when tuning the car beyond 580hp+, where lower HP requirements were supported by High-Flow Panel Filters.

During testing and tuning trials of the car beyond 580hp here at CPR, we noted 2 limiting factors to the performance increase.

1. At 580hp, the Air Flow Meter Signal from the stock air flow meter housings was beginning to reach their ‘full scale deflection” of 4.9-5 Volts. Therefore ANY increase in air flow over them would NOT be seen by the ECU and an accurate tune would be severely compromised at high load and high rpm!!

2. The higher Air Flow Meter Signal received by the ECU, is being interpreted in a calculation of Engine Load. This Engine Load value is then being used at the Transmission ECU, which was then sending the car into a Limp Mode. The TCU was establishing that the car was running an excessive calculated load/torque.

To gain headroom in the Air Flow Meter signal Voltage Output, and to work around the Torque Limit imposed by the TCU, we chose to remount the stock air flow meter cartridge sensors into a larger body, therefore lowering the sensor voltage for a given total volume of air measured (Grammes/sec).

Obviously correctly sizing this housing to allow the higher air flow and still be 'future proof' in further package development of higher power was critical.

As the stock housing is the actual air box moulding we combined the development of our larger body housing into a full replacement induction kit, drawing air from the preferred forward area front panel so as not to pull ANY air from the warmer engine bay itself. To filter the air thoroughly, a cone shaped filter element was chosen to optimise flow in that given area which is in fact is capable of more than twice the flow of the panel / flat stock alternative!


The end result is an Induction Kit and a Larger Air Flow Meter Housing, to allow more scope for tuning the GTR and further increasing the performance, without sending the TCU into Limp Mode. The Air Flow Meter Voltage Output is dramatically reduced, allowing scope to tune this car to beyond 800hp with the necessary ECU Re-Programming.

The finished product offers the largest possible sized Cone Filters that can be fitted to the GTR in this area without major cutting, where the filters are nestled neatly and compactly in the nostril section of the front bumper, with air being directed to them through centre top vent.

The original Air Flow Meters bolt directly into the new CNC Machined Flanges.

Installation is very simple with fantastic fitment and quality.

The Front Bumper has to be removed to install this kit, and we can arrange fitting of these induction kits for £195.00+VAT (quoted at 3 hours)

N.B. Fitment of these Induction Kits alone will mean the Air Flow Meter Signal is altered, and without ECU Re-programming, the car WILL NOT RUN SAFELY! It is necessary for the installer to re-program their ECU. We recommend the use of Cobb Tuning Access Port, and we offer this reprogramming service with our Cobb Tuning Access Tuner Pro Software.

For owners who wish to install the CPR GTR Air Flow Meter Upgrade Induction Kit, WITHOUT the requirements of ECU Re-Programming, and are not seeking HP more than 580hp, then we are able to offer additional CPR Body Inserts (sold separately), that are installed inside our larger Air Flow Meter Bodies. The CPR Body Inserts are of stock dimensions (accurately profile measured by ourselves) and CNC machined for precision fitment and accurate signals from the Air Flow Meters. This allows the installer to have superior 1000hp Specification Air Intakes, without the necessity for reprogramming of the ECU. Quite simply the inserts can be removed at any point, meaning that the installer can remove the inserts and re-program the ECU at any point in the future.


CPR GTR Air Flow Meter Upgrade Induction Kit Price (for UK/Euro/JDM/US Models): £595.00+VAT

CPR Air Flow Meter Inserts (for stock tune) : £70.00 per pair +VAT

We are very excited to offer this product for GTR Owners, we are finishing our manufacturing run at the end of this week, ready to post out with 24 hour delivery.

Please call our Sales line on +44 (0)1925 414199 to order.
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