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well, it finally, finally looks like my car is coming together. At least the engine went back into the car today, which is a good sign!

In assembling my rebuilt engine, my mechanic ran into a problem when testing, and heard "a problem between the crankshaft and pistons". He tracked it down to something he called "crank pin" (he's Korean and speaks virtually no english, and I'm American and speak very little Korean). He says he fixed this "crank pin" and now feels confident to bolt up the engine and call the car fixed.

what would this "crank pin" be, and how critical a part is it? I wonder if he meant conrod bolts. Argh, if one went out, perhaps the other five can't be too far behind? He replaced the part in a day (from fully built and running engine on stand, back to fully running again) which seems pretty fast. Hopefully, if he did one, he went ahead and did the others. And had I known, I would have supplied uprated conrod bolts, as they're the first weak link with engine internals. Or is "crank pin" something else entirely?
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