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Skybreak the does 9 sec run in New Zealand !!

At Croydon Wholesalers LMVD, we not only import and sell Nissan Skylines and other performance cars, we own, drive and race them as well! The car featured here is our own Skyline GT-R prepared specifically for quarter-mile drag racing in New Zealand, running in the I-Drag Import "Pro" bracket.

Well-known in New Zealand Import Drag Racing circles, the Skyline has been extensively modified and virtually completely rebuilt since it's arrival in New Zealand in 1999 and appearances at various events around the country, including the Performance Car Magazine Pukekohe Track Days, High Octane Volume 1 & 2 video series, video and audio production at Ohakea Airbase, Four and Rotary Nationals at Champion Dragway, Meremere, the Night Speed Drag Wars series and the I-DRAG Import Nationals also held at Meremere.

The car is a genuine 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R, powered originally by a 2.6-litre straight six-cylinder, intercooled and twin-turbocharged RB26DETT engine, driving (when new) through a 5-speed manual gearbox to a full-time four-wheel-drive system with variable torque-split (ATTESSA) between front and rear axles. In this guise, it was the car that earned the nickname "Godzilla" in the early 1990's as it swept the competition before it in Australian Touring Car Racing as well as Japan, winning at Bathurst in the hands of Jim Richards and Mark Skaife under the Fred Gibson Motorsport team before being banned outright by Australian motorsport officialdom for being too competitive!

However, our example has been extensively modified from the original specification.

Nick bought this car in Japan in 1999 at a Dealer Auction. When he found it for sale, it still had one and a half year's worth of registration or "Shaken" and had been used regularly on the streets of Osaka as well as a street Drag-racing car. Fitted back then with the Trust GReddy TO88-34D massive single turbo and a GREX 6-speed conversion gearbox with straight-cut gears, the cars was listed in auction with "gearbox problems", and it was only by a combination of good luck and curiosity that Nick discovered the true nature of the car and the reason the Japanese couldn't select gears by conventional means!

Back in New Zealand, we ran the car in various events with mixed success, mostly due to a lack of reliability as the massive horsepower generated destroyed the largely unmodified running gear, gobbling up gearboxes and axles at an alarming rate! However, since the last appearance at the 2002 I-Drag Nationals at Champion Dragway,

Meremere, the car has been almost completely re-engineered into a purpose-built drag car to compete at the top level of New Zealand import drag racing, the "Pro" bracket for sub-11 second cars.

Mechanically, the specification currently is as follows. The block is now a Nissan N1 unit, with a Trust 2700cc steel crank and Trust (Carillo) forged rods. The head is an HKS unit with a Trust GReddy inlet manifold and plenum chamber. Feeding the fuel is a set of 1000cc Injectors and a second set of 550cc injectors. Fuel is provided through 3 Bosch fuel pumps and a custom Surge tank.
Charge cooling is through a Trust front-mounted intercooler to the enormous Trust GReddy TO88-34D turbocharger with external wastegate to a custom-made exhaust. Cooling is through an Apex triple-core radiator. Engine management is provided by a Motec M8 unit with a Motec CDi. Power is transferred through to a Holinger 6-Speed Sequential straight-cut gearbox to a manual torque-split unit for the four-wheel-drive, passing to custom axles and custom-engineered differential flanges. Inside, the car is fitted with a full chrome-moly roll-cage engineered by Shane Turner at STR Fabrications, a comprehensive gauge selection, and a Recaro driver' seat.

Since the car was last in the public eye, a lot of other changes from the original specification have taken place.

The car has undergone a massive diet. Part of the diet involved fitting a polycarbonate rear screen, glass skin boot-lid, glass doors with polycarbonate windows and chrome-moly window frames. Aside from this a lot of electronic gear has been removed and three-quarters of the original wiring looms have been removed from the vehicle.

The car has undergone massive development in the suspension, especially in the rear. For competitive development reasons we cannot detail these modifications but there has been a lot of time and thought put into this to maximise the potential for drag racing.

We have decreased the size of the front brakes to enable us to run smaller rims, and with these, we can run proper drag racing slicks, currently Mickey Thompsons.

Inside the vehicle, the rear section has been panelled off completely with lightweight materials, and you would also notice that there is now an extra handbrake-like lever added which actually activates the four-wheel-drive system manually. We can now adjust the pressure which controls the front to rear drive balance with ease, and also, this system is much, much lighter than the original. The exhaust system has also been completely revised and made much lighter.

We have now changed our tuner to Mike Healy at Turbo Vehicles in Penrose, due to his experience with high-performance tuning with the Motec M8 computer. The car is now flowing as much power as it can with the turbocharger we are currently using, which is 975hp. At the wheels this works out to 597Kw.

The car presently weighs 1245kg with 27 litres of fuel on board without the driver. Glenn Suckling, our car constructor and drag-strip driver, weighs approximately 80kg's. If this is worked out with the American drag calculations, the vehicle should be capable of an 8.4 second quarter mile at 163mph.

We think that this is a bit hopeful! At Croydon Wholesalers Racing, we will be very happy this season if we can reach an 8.9 to 9.0 second quarter-mile at approximately 155mph.

The evolution of our Skyline GT-R into a fully-fledged drag racer has been a team effort with the help of many. Led by the car's constructor, Glenn Suckling, and owned by Nick Jenkins our CEO, we'd like to thank the staff at Croydon Wholesalers LMVD for their assistance and support, and our families for their patience and understanding. Watch out for the car this year as we return to battle it out at the top of the Pro Import bracket!

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