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• VIA 1.2GHz processor
• Silent Power Supply
• 512MB Memory
• DVD RW Drive
• 40GB Hard Drive
• Sound Card
• On Board 10/100 NIC
• Windows XP Pro
• S-Video Out
• Video Out

The Cubit 3 computer is only a handspan across! It's available in Graphite Black, Pure White and our new "design" range of seven pastel colors.

This tiny, versatile and easily upgradeable design classic is perfect for internet workstations, networking and multimedia.

Put it in you’re: study bedroom, kids' room, kitchen, reception area...

Useful, space-saving, and easy on the eye: a beautiful object in its own right, the tiny Cubit 3 is also the handiest little PC to have around.

It can be used with any PC monitor and keyboard, or with your TV. It works in all the same ways as a traditional PC, but in a highly compact, stylish and solidly built unit.

If your main use for a computer is to carry out essential everyday tasks like word processing, internet access, storing pictures or playing MP3s then the Cubit 3 has everything you need.

It even has a built-in infra-red receiver which you can teach to respond to your own remote control (no extra clutter on your sofa). It can be networked to other PCs in your house or office via ethernet.

It is therefore extremely versatile and ideal for:
• internet access
• everyday office/study use
• networking
• music box
• kids' computer
• niche applications eg firewalls, data storage

To create a solid build quality and distinctive look that's unique in computing, each Cubit 3 is made of 2.5kg of solid aluminum and matt finished to our exacting standards in Graphite Black, Pure White or one of seven delicious pastels. Finishing touches include specially designed anodized thumbscrews, dual function power/HD LEDs and the distinctive Cubit logo cut into the front panel.

The innovative Quick slot internal construction of the Cubits allows us to load components onto trays outside the case and then slot the trays in, thus making maximum use of minimum space.
Low power, low noise, top functionality -

147mm(H) x 210mm(W) x 210mm(D)

Front ports: USB x 2, Mini-Firewire (4-pin IEEE 1394) x 1, Infra-Red receiver (RS232). Use free downloadable software WinLIRC to teach your Cubit 3 to respond to the remote control you already own.

Cost new is Ex VAT prices from £599.50

Looking for £350

More info here

Hoojum Cubit 3


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