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Hi Guy

We were in Cyprus for a week during the past two years, and plan to come back again in October 2002.

The last trip was to Pafos, and we found a Skyline dealership, went in to speak to the chap running it, but he didn't speak a lot of English.

We had only recently got our GTS, and were really looking forward to chatting about the cars...

We are heading to Protarus again this coming October. Whereabouts in Cyprus are you?

If you are interested, nearer the time, we could get back in touch and perhaps meet up if that would be possible??? Let us know.

What car have you got, and are there many out there??


Kim and Toni
Him and Her

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Mortal combat

Apparently , Cyprus played host to a Mortal Combat Skyline with 700bhp+ .

A freind of a cousin of my ,who is in the motor trade ,had it and it was awesomely fast .

Ask Chris about it Guy . He might know if it's still in CY.

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Re: Cyprus

Hi Kim,

I am located in Nicosia. I have an R33 GTR Vspec. I would definitely like to meet fellow Skyline enthousiasts.

Be sure to leave me a message or e-mail before you visit.

I believe that Paul and Barry also have plans to visit someday :)

From what I gather, there are definitely 20-30 skylines circulating on the Island. Lots of them GTSs and GTSTs. I have heard of one R34 GTST, but almost all the rest are R33s.

I know of one white R33 GTR that goes around Nicosia, but I have not seen others yet.

Then there is the "monster" R32 GTR that Chris owns, which is really in a league of its own.

Chris is a pretty good friend of mine and I know for a fact that he does take fellow car performance enthusiasts on blasts in his Skyline. Its an unforgettable experience altogether. He is also an excellent authority on mods for the "best car on the planet" as he puts it. He will have his own website up very soon.

In case you haven't seen the movies already, you can check out some very amateur movies that we took of his car on

I haven't heard about it.. more details please! Is Mortal Combat a modifying shop or something?
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