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Hello everyone, and good evening. You guys have probably heard about Bee***9734;Racing. This is the first car they built for D1GP, this was back in 2005. Tsuyoshi Tezuka was the driver of this car. He used it both in 2005 and a little in 2006. Since then it's just been attending Salons, apart from 2010 where the car was used in a D1 exhibition.

I was in Japan in September and went to Kids Heart to have a look at the car, it was looking pretty good and couldn't see anything wrong.
Later the car was sent to Bee***9734;R for service and maintenance. Changed oil in engine, transmission and diff. New spark plugs, new side skirt because the old one was damaged, also got carbon inner panel on the passanger side and most important of it all, it got a new set of wipers.

The car will be shipped very soon and I'm expecting it to arrive in January.

For more information about the car, have a read;

BNR34 engine (RB26DETT)
BCNR modified transmission
BNR32 fuel tankoversize oil pan
1.8K boost 544PS
HKS GT-SS w/actuator
ORC Twin Plate
Apexi PowerFC 1.4K boost 430PS
HKS aircleaner, piping kit
R33 GTR power steering pump and intercooler (Fmic)
Bee-R fr. Pipe, one off muffler 80 dia. 115dia. tailpipe
Tomei cams
R32 GTR fuel pump
R32 GTR rotors and calipers
Image brake pads
Work Emotion 18" F: 255/35 R: 265/35
Cusco 7 point roll and side bars
Cusco tension rods
Uras tierods
R33 GTR rear member
Cusco rear arms
R33 GTR modified LSD diff
Bee*R full aero, bonnet and rear wing
Bride full bucket seats Kevlar
Takata harnesses
Bee*R carbon door inner panel
Quick realese steering wheel
C West side mirrors

The car attended following D1 events
2005 Rd.1 in USA
2005 Rd.2 in Obaida
2005 Rd.3 in SUGO
2005 Rd.4 in AUTO-P
2005 Rd.5 in EBISU

2005 EX Silverstone
2005 EX California

2006 Rd.1 in USA

2006 EX Silverstone

The car is wrapped with the same design as the other B324R Tezuka drive, but the other car have more modifications done to it (sequantial transmission, macpherson strut, single turbo etc.)
Easy way to see the difference is the mirrors (mine got small carbon ones, and the other car got standard ones in blue)

I cannot post pictures now, and I'm sorry for that, but as soon as I got 15 posts I'll update this post!

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So have you bought this iconic car then BURSTHOUSE?
I appreciate this is the projects thread but reading your post I kept expecting you to say you were selling it :chuckle:

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I was gonna write a "Future plans" but somehow forgot about it.

It'll be drifted, no doubt. But the car will be kept like it is and I'll take good care of it, I'm not gonna do anything stupid with it. :)
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