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As the final draws close and takes place next weekend at TRAX, thought I'd share some pictures I have of the cars Sumo have run in the competition this year in one way or another.

Anyone interested in the final you can buy tickets in advance ( which is cheaper via D1GB ) at and see these boys in action...

All pictures courtesy of Ross I'anson, D1GB official Photographer ( ), taken from the last round at Silverstone last week.

All cars run HKS F-Con V-Pro mapped by Do-Luck's Mr Ito in the UK with the exception of Hudsons car.

All cars have specific sponsors which you can see on each, all cars use Toyo Tyres, either R888 semi slicks or T1R road tyres with Castrol/fluids and EDGE in the engines, gearboxes and diffs.

First up, Sumo flagship Drift car, the Pink Z, Driven by Tim Marshall:

504bhp :)

Heres Tim, looking confident!

350Z post-gravel trap :D

350Z in twin drift action:

Next is Steve Evans, aka ' The Stig ' in the Team Autoglym R32 Skyline, built by Sumo:

420bhp on the RB20 :)

Scarey picture of Steve:

The Skyline in the pitlane:

Skyline in action:

Next up is Steve's team mate in Team Autoglym, James Hudson in his Skyline R32, supported/part built by Sumo:

RB26 powered HCR32, 380bhp :)

James in all his glory! :

James waiting to go out:

In Action:

Last but not least, Glens Soarer, driven first by Tiff Needell and now by WRC to-be driver Tony Green from New Zealand, car built to drift by Sumo, with Glen crying everytime it nears danger! lol :D

590bhp on a stroked 2JZ with a T78 at 1.2 bar of boost :)

Tony Green, Dapper:

And two action shots with its new Motorpoint livery ( car was formly sponsored by Castrol EDGE ):

And one last one I found, although nothing to do with Sumo, I though it was a nice picture and certainly better than the naked ones flying around the net currently: the slim yet entertaining Bladey in all his glory! :D

All 4 cars have been run by Sumo at each round of the Championship, and what a crack it has been so far!

Glens preying for the day he gets the Soarer back in one piece so he can drive it at 40mph everywhere again, lol - boost? whats that Glen says :D :D

So if you are wondering why we havent been at Santa Pod, now you know!

Hope you enjoy

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