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Akrapovic Titanium Race Rear Silencers Exhaust System


  • Super lightweight
  • Super hardwearing
  • Goosebump raising sound

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Product Details
Akrapovic's Titannium Exhaust Systems are some of the very best exhaust systems available for any car they are made for. Titanium is even lighter and harder wearing than stainless steel. Titaniums unique properties as a metal not only make it fantastic in structural terms, but also make the exhaust sound fantastic.
  • Super lightweight
  • Super hardwearing
  • Goosebump raising sound
Igor Akraprovic cut his teeth making exhausts for motorsport and high performance motorcycles. Supplying some top flight teams including Audi Sport (the exhausts on Audi's GT3 and DTM cars are Akrapovic!), the Akrapovic name soon became synonymous with high performance, top quality materials, and outstanding build quality.
Less weight is always good on a car. Adding lightness improves your power to weight ratio which makes your car faster.

The very best road car exhausts Akrapovic make are their Titanium alloy exhaust systems. Titanium is a terrific metal for certain applications. It is both lightweight and incredibly hard-wearing. It gets used where you need something to last and last, but also not weight much - like jet fighter engines. These exhausts weigh up to 40% less than the equivalent steel exhaust. It's also "zingy" and flexible, which gives exhausts made from it a particularly musical note.
An Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System doesn't just feature exotic materials though.

As noted, Akraprovic supply motorsport including F1, DTM, and GT3. This should tell you everything you need to know about their commitment to getting the best possible power out of an engine.
Extracting power from an engine by upgrading the exhaust requires some very careful engineering. Every bend and section of pipework must be optimised to make the exhaust gases flow better, without introducing any flat-spots into the engines power-curve.

Some of these systems feature a sports-cat or de-cat pipe. Typically the most restrictive part of a factory exhaust is the factory catalytic converter. The dense honeycomb like structure of the cat substrate. Replacing this either with a freer flowing sports cat or a de-cat section can unlock considerable performance when combined with the right software.
The quicker you can get exhaust gases out of the engine the quicker the engine can breathe in fresh air, enabling it to make power. This is especially true on turbo-charged engines, where reducing restriction in the down-pipe behind the turbo can have a huge impact on the power-gains on offer.

The middle and rear sections of pipework are also very important too. The whole system needs to flow well to offer the highest possible power-gains.
Replacing the factory silencers with carefully tuned Akrapovic silencers, or straight through pipe sections will offer enhanced sound. Akrapovic offer a carefully tuned motorsport-influenced sound.
Tailpipes are typically carbon-fibre or titanium.
An Akrapobic Titanium Exhaust is an all-round upgrade for the looks, sound, and performance of your car.

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