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Hi all,

Following on from this thread: , I've put together a couple of related kits that will compliment the Porter Cable Polisher for people that purchase the machine from the U.S.

The first kit will be based on people who just purchase the actual machine and need pads as well as products to suit. The second kit will be based on people who have bought the machine and a pad kit with it and only need suited products to get a stunning finish.

Kit One which contains the velcro backing plate, pads and all products for product removal, washing and drying will cost £104.95, saving over 10% against the individual product rrp's.

Kit Two which contains all the products to match up to the Autopia pads, product removal, washing and drying will cost £54.95, again, a saving of over 10% from the individual product rrp's.

To keep the price 'sensible' I have used my own branded microfibre towels. These are perfectly bodywork safe and are very good for the price. IF people want any of the more expensive towels in place of mine from the likes of Poorboys or Prima, then either let me know and I'll work out a price, or they can just be purchased direct through the site when the main kit is ordered.

The pads in kit 1 (together with a velcro backing plate) are one Lake Country Orange light cut pad which will ideally match up with the Poorboys SSR 2.5 polish. This combo will mainly take out the main swirls and scratches yet, will still finish out fine enough that it will leave a shine on the paintwork..... Some people often follow with a finer polish to increase depth and shine....

The Meguiars Polishing pad coupled with the Poorboys SSR 2 will have two uses. The first will be as a light polish follow up to the slightly heavier SSR 2.5, and the second use will be as a light polish to 'spruce up' the car once in a while as I did with mine last weekend, and when a heavier polish isn't needed.

The Meguiars finishing pads will be used with the Serious Performance Paint Cleanser and the Serious Performance Polymer Sealant. It is good practice to use one pad per product, so although it makes the kit slightly more expensive, it saves having to wash the pad out and drying it before using the sealant each time....... In the long term, the Cleanser won't be needed everytime you use the sealant but, having a second 'spare' pad will always be handy as people will see when they start using the machine and products.

The second kit which contains the products and not the pads will still match most of the pads supplied.
The SSR 2.5 will work with either the SFX-1 or SFX-2 pads for the main swirl removal. The SFX-1 pad may be a bit hard and cutting so I would advise people to start with the SFX-2 pad first, and if not effective, then move up to the harsher SFX-1 pad.
The SSR 2 would ideally be used with the SFX-2 Pad for light polishing.
The SFX-3 pad would be used with the Serious Performance Cleanser and Sealant, and if using both, the pad will need to be washed and dried before using the sealant, after the cleanser
It MAY be worthwhile investing in an extra finishing pad but I'll leave that up to the individual to decide.

Both of the kits can be found here: Products - Serious Performance

Any questions, please let me know here, by e-mail or give me a buzz.

If anyone wants to pay by cheque or by Paypal rather than through the site, please let me know.

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