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Hi there guys thought i would start my project thread, first of all names Richard (Obviously :p) but i just get called Dick suit yourself i'm nae bothered.

I got my car about a month ago unfortunately i was still waiting for DVLA to pull there finger out and finish registering her. Finally on the 2nd of this month i got it through so i ordered plates to be made & got them on the 3rd, so after work as excited as i was rushed over to get them on and take her out for a blast. So i drove her on the night of the 3rd, 4th, 5th & then on the 6th took her to Knockhill race circuit :D What a time i had ! First time ever on the track very impressed with the performance & handling, i was expecting her to be more tail happy but no stuck to the track very well. After the track day i had a huge smile on my face and came to the conclusion i am more than happy with my purchase.

Here is the spec i was told below:

1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Built by
36,700km (Nismo meters)
Engine full overhaul less than 2,000km ago
Fully checked/inspected/test driven by Kazama auto in Japan

Engine spec:
Fully built engine by Kitakanto tuning shop
HKS 87mm Pistons
Nismo bearings
N1 oil pump
N1 Turbos
Trust Cams
Trust head gasket
Trust Oil cooler
Trust Intercooler
Trust Exhaust
Aftermarket downpipe
Trust Timing belt
HKS MAF delete pipe kit
HKS intercooler pipes
HKS mushroom filters
Apexi sports cat
Samco upper rad hose
BNR34 Plenum
Oil catch tank
Greddy cooling panel
Greddy radiator cap

Nismo 600cc injectors
Tomei in tank fuel pump

Suspension/brakes and drivetrain:
Ohlins suspension
ORC twin plate clutch and flywheel
33GTR Brembo brakes front and rear
Nismo rear upper arms
Nismo rearlower arms

HKS V Pro gold
HKS EVC 5 Boost controller
HKS turbo timer
BiliionVFC pro fan controller
Greddy oil and turbo gauge

Bride bucket seat
Sabelt 4 point harnesses
Momo steering wheel
Passenger/rear seat leather/carbon look seat covers (passenger seat slightly worn see pic)
Nismo 320km dials

Nismo rear boot lip
Trust side spats
17***8221; Desmond Regamasters
Rear spats

Then we had the jap receipts translated and shown below:


Engine overhaul
RH9 Mission
RH9 Nismo Link and bush set
Head Overhaul
HKS 87mm Piston kit
N1 Oil pump
Nismo speed meter and Ten rod
Trust Oil Cooler
Trust 264 cams
Trust cam sprocket in/ex
Trust timing belt
Trust metal head gasket
Tomei Hicas lock
F Con V Pro
HKS Lower brace bar
Sard cat
Billion fan controller
TOTAL 2,658,698 JPY

F Con setting
Cam shaft oil seal
Cam oil seal
P/S pump

2010 (Kitakanto invoice)
Complete Engine
Cylinder head
Metal gasket
Timing belt
Camshaft oil seal
Timing belt tensioner
Timing belt idler
Valve clearance
F diff oil seal
Water outlet pipe
553,697 JPY

F con setting
Valve timing
Fuel delivery
Fuel reg
358,512 JPY

Then had a few things confirmed at RK tunning, the engine block is a series 2 R33 one & the turbos are either R34 N1's or R32 NISMO's

So thats the spec here are some photos.



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I am planning to do a few things, still early days though. I will be doing alot of things that will help me on the track and also things to tweek the car to make it look how i want even if it isn't very practical for the track.

Things to sort (HOPEFULLY) before next track day.

-brake ducting
-track pads (carbotech xp10's on order)
-torque splitter (on order)
-wheels re-furbed & powder coated (color unsure)
-rear windows tinted

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Lovely looking 32 and perfect colour;)


Any footage from Knockhill?
Cheers :D, it can do with some touch ups tbh but for a 24 year old car can't complain !

i have one click i am still waiting to get more from my friends go pro though. Don't judge me it is my first time on the track :p

is that doesn't work try this

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Lol can people actually sit in the rear? Gonna have a sore bum.
haha as u can see the seat cant' be used because of the harness :p na i just moved the carpets up there for now to cover the horrible brown sound dampering stuff

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Lovely 32 mate , let us know how you get on with the XP 10's , mine squeal so bad , but the bite is awesome.

P.s very jealous of the Reggas........


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Oooo so clean. Looks stunning mate
Haha cheers, I'll do my best in keeping it that way :)

TJB said:
Lovely 32 mate , let us know how you get on with the XP 10's , mine squeal so bad , but the bite is awesome.

P.s very jealous of the Reggas........

Will do, i have had them recommended by a few of my mates that use them on there evo's for track, need all the stopping power i can get out of the small brembos hence trying to get brake ducting sorted as well.

Yeah man I love the regamasters, I wasn't too sure to begin with but now i love them but not the colour :( they get to dirty to quickly especially on the track with all the brake dust. Not sure what colour to go with yet prop end of black, also depending on how much track days I manage I might need to sell them and up to 18" to use bigger brakes but that won't be for a long time so for now I'll enjoy them :D

W80 YAU said:
Richy mate, i saw your gtr at Japfest and didnt even realise it was you lol.
Aaaa Will so you where the other R32 there, I didn't think it was you cause I thought you were still running the stock wheels but just checked your thread to see you have changed them, looks great though ! very clean unlike mine on the day unfortunately didn't have time to clean the car before I took her down to Knockhill as you saw she was very dirty, shameful really :/ haha !

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Hah yeah that 's mines, only recently got the wheels on but just never updated my thread.

Yeah your car was dirty but you were on track so you can get away with that :p
I'm rather quite jealous that you have leather interior.. something i want in future XD

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Quick update i have these to fit hopefully over the weekend & before my next track day at Knockhill on the 25th :D Oh & Will the leather interior is really flakey unfortunately. Will get 2 new bucket seats for the front and the rest of the unwanted interior taken out.

Torque splitter

Something to get started on brake ducting

Track brake pads (CARBOTEC XP10's)

& just the one spacer to see how it fits before buying the other 3, looks like a good thickness wall thickness between the O.D & hole just what im after

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Finally got my rim's done, like to here your guys thoughts.

I can't make my mind up to keep the stickers on or not, don't see them lasting anyways. can't wait to get them on the car see how they look though.

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