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here you go dude there is a plethora of information on the skyline models here:

or alternativly have a browse round the forum.

but the main differences are the engine and drive:

rb25dett is a 2.5 single turbo (bout 250bhp) the one your looking at
rb26dett is a 2.6 twin turbo (bout 310bhp) thats in the gtr version
r34 gt-t is rwd the one your looking at
r34 gtr is 4wd with more gadgets to keep it on the road than you can throw a stick at.

its a preference choice, want speed and a brilliant track car get the gtr, want stunning value for money (power to price ratio) then get the gt-t or r33gts-t and they a brilliant cars for drifting.

i have both an r33 gts-t and r33gtr vspec, i prefer the gtr because it of its power potential, however the gts-t is great fun for drifting.

btw: for ten and a half grand you could get yourself a r33 gtr, for half that you could get an r33gts-t.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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