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If you don;t mind, could you give us a brief run down of the spec of your GTS and costs.



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Spec of my GTS, well I can tell you what its got and what Ive seen, it came over from Japan already finished to a fashion, it was hunted down for me, I am trying to contact the previous owner to see why he/she did it, what it was used for and how much it all cost - time/money etc as its a real one off car.

It has :-

Apex adjustable platform suspension
Nismo rear shelf strut brace
Aftermarket front bumper
Nissan rear boot lid spoiler
Aftermarket rear boot wing
Nismo combination strut brace and brake stopper
HKS pillar mount dials ( various )
G-Reddy Dash pod mount dials ( various )
Apexi Boost controller
Apexi information computer/logger
Aftermarket ( secret ) piggyback ecu's, yes, ecu'ssss
Shift timing light system
Turbo timer
Nismo steering wheel
Nismo Gearknob
Ali Pedal covers
Nismo Speedo/rev counter unit
Rear Roll Cage
Racing 4 point harnesses
Interior removed apart from dash and drivers seat
Garrett T300S single turbine
550cc injectors
HKS Fuel pump
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
HKS Iridium plugs
Step 2 HKS Cams
HKS Pulleys
HKS Pistons and rods ( I believe only TBC)
Larger Intercooler
External wastegate
Dump Valve
Pitwork belts and filters
Titanium Exhaust manifold
Full trust stainless exhaust system with noise reducer
Standard brakes!
Remote oil filter kit ( HKS )
Steel headgasket
Twin plate clutch ( I think, it feels like that )
Short shift gearbox kit
Induction Kit

These are the things I can remember from memory, the car is at GT ART at the moment for some TLC, it has an endless amount of parts on the car I camt remember all of em and was obviously prepared maticulously by its Japanese owner.

The car is for sale, contact me for details if interested.

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Oh dear

and a locked diff, cant believe I forgot that part, its the most interesting, makes the car an animal to drive, outragious although I also have a standard diff lined up for it to make it more user friendly

Got a Sparco Touring car seat for it also to replace the standard taxi seat, have also priced up some AP air jacks and system for the car but wont fit until I decide the cars fate.:)

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Cheers Dirk, I would be interested but I just don't have the cash. Sounds like a great car, it's just a shame the compression ratio on the engine is so high as all those parts should really be put to better use:mad:

Pics would be good though.


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