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dirt circuit south aust

here in south australia we have a club form of racing called dirt circuit

a bit like banger racing in the uk only not as much banging more so a sprint type of racing. tracks are about 1200 to 1500 mtrs in length tracks vary in layout 2 races clockwise 2 anticlockwise 6 laps each then a couple of 10 lappers for all comers in between, there is a rule book with classes that vary from a stock class to a modified, to open wheeler where its more or less a big v8 strapped to a couple of bits of steel, bit like a sprint car chassis (scary i would think) anyways its been around for quite a few years now
no real major interference from governing bodys. pair of clean overals ,cage
5 point harness, fire ext, scrutineers give cars a good going over then fingers crossed get the all clear and go racing for the day.we have tracks that well for you guys would be like traveling to different countrys but for us is all in a days racing no yes we may come across as quite agricultral as far as some of the cars we race compared to a fia gt championship but let me tell you the same buzz still applies for sure dangerous yep and love it
check it out
DIRT CIRCUIT OF SA (Powered by Invision Power Board)
ps hope this qualifys for a post here whats it got to do with skylines? well i have just got a gts4 r33 and and am in the process of stripping out and caging to do above racing so anybody who has or is racing a r33 gts4
on the dirt any feedback would be great
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