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How many of you guys take the time to clean the inside
of your sensitive areas? You know, those 2 sausage-shaped objects dangling in front of your turbo which are very good at
detecting cold air passing over them. (Air-flow sensors?)

I’ve thoroughly cleaned mine about four or five times in the
past year and noticed a better performance every time.
Even my wife has noticed an improvement in the speed
and reliability, especially on cold mornings or when it's
time for a "good blow". :eek:

The front one in particular seems to get slightly fouled
with oily deposits, being situated closer to the turbo, and
I suspect this reduces its performance.

Do not attempt to remove the protective barrier on the end
of the pipe. However, this barrier does make cleaning the sensitive bits rather difficult.
I’ve found that using Jizer in a spray bottle is pretty effective
at removing old built-up deposits and crud (and it dosn't sting).

Just squirt it through the protective barrier and right into your pipe from both ends. Then rinse your pipe under the cold water tap. Shake off the drips, wipe it clean and allow to it dry before replacing it. ;)

Sorry....did you think this was about sex?


how often do you clean yours?

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Cleaning afms

Thanks John. Wait for the experts opinion on this then. I have left mine alone as they are so sensitive;)
Mines do some cleaner in a spray can but I think that it is £50-00:eek:
Is your method safe as, if you bugger them up, they are not cheap to replace.

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What do you clean it with and hows it exectly done

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